4 comments on “Android Custom ROM: Bluetooth & WiFi Not Working Fix

  1. Hi, do you think this method would work for me? I recently installed CM12 on my galaxy avant (t-mobile) and am having issues with both by WiFi(won’t turn on) and my camera(says connection lost at start). Both worked perfectly fine before the ROM, but I love it so much I would hate to go back. I would appreciate any help. Thanks

    • It’s been a while since tinkering with a custom OS. I’m unsure if this method would work for you. You obviously can try. There is a specific driver for each build of Android and underlying hardware platform. However, from what I remember, Samsung doesn’t share its drivers (maybe the do now).

      Another thing i remember doing is wiping everything (back up your data of course) using CWM and reinstalling. Sometimes that work. Good luck!!

      • Im a little confused about your directions though. I’ve never heard about or used fastboot on my device. I do have experience with download mode, as well as recovery mode and odin.

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