2 comments on “What is God?

  1. Wait, hold up…..is it snowing?

    Ok so I been running my mouth (fingers) all day but let me get on this right quick. I think that simply because it was a “he” that wrote most of the books, God was portrayed as he. After all it is “his-tory” right? If you were to write a book or story you would create a character in your own image, get it “created i n his own image.” Meaning a white man would paint a white god, Black man – black god, Asian man…etc. Some of us need visual and tangible representation (hence the need/desire for visual and other various artists). #mytwocents

    • While I was typing this blog post, I had thought about that line actually: God created man in his own image. Now that I am coming across it, I might as well ask. What do you think about that line in the Bible? Is that man represents something godly? If I relate it to science, an example would be that our brains have been said to be capable of extreme feats, but we have not unlock those capabilities yet. So an image of God is the ultimate power, or some variance of it, we possess, but have not unlocked yet. Other than that, I do not know any other way to interpret that line. I doubt that “image” was used in a literally sense meaning human-like physical characteristics.

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