2 comments on “Humans Vs. Zombies: 1st Contact

  1. Zombies tho? Lol! Do you think the “white” charter bus represents some type of human “purity”? “They” used to say that men don’t dream in color but you seem to remember your colors vividly. Can’t wait to read part 2.

    • Osa, yo I was thinking about that the whole day yesterday. From what I read, people don’t dream in color. Everything I guess is black and white. It is after the dream when we are awake that our conscious mind compensates for the lack of vivid imagery, sort of filling in the parts that are missing. I’m not trying to say that I am different, but I was absolutely sure that I dreamt in color. It boggles me.

      Maybe I did dream in black and white, and my conscious compensated afterwards. But what about in the scenario when you are not completely asleep. What if you are in dreaming during the transition to complete slumber, meaning that all, or at least most, parts of brain are still active including the side of the brain that supplements mental images with color? O_O I say this because I feel like I was half sleep most of the time… hmmm I need to refer to the …”clouds” so I can look at this at another perspective. o_0

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