4 comments on “Is God Against Smoking Weed?

  1. for real tho, i just wanna to smash that ladies argument cuz that shxt was flawed. Don’t choose answers cuz they’re pretty in the sense that it is socially accepted. If you gonna answer something, at least try to fortify it because I will be the one to destroy your weak ass citadel that’s full of holes. thats all im saying.

  2. well, if i was there i wouldn’t have answered cuz i haven’t decided yet. before i felt a certain way about it but recently i’ve kind of been trying to decide how i SHOULD feel about it. anyway, i think you make a good point about being weak-minded because even things that are “good” for you like prescription drugs and red wine can be bad for you if its done out of moderation or if you abuse it…or if you just don’t know how to control yourself when partaking of those different substances. i think everyone should know how something fits into their life and be less quick to judge others. that’s something i’m always tryna work on. i also think it’s hard to get to the point where you truly truly kno what God disapproves of. i think ppl should jus try to take care of their bodies as best they can and really have a personal relationship w/God so that they can have discernment in their hearts (so the can sift through all the BS answers in life) for themselves

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