4 comments on “Random Links PT II

  1. I watched the first one. i like it:) I didn’t know he became a singer. He was a fighter!!
    How did you find it!! sugooooooii
    and I watched “Japanese precision at its Best”. It was awsame!! They had a lot of practice for that dane. I remembered that I also forced to practice that kind of the way to walk for sports festival of school(young Japanses student usually had experienced that kind of things)…… I hated that.lol BUT, I’m really glad to you like Japanese♡

    • My friend also is in love with Japanese and random cool links, and he also post links to his blog. So I check his blog for cool links every once in a while. にほんにかえるをまてません。(あってる?)

      • ”にほんにかえるのをまてません”
        your Japanese is correct, and really improving!!! XD
        but Japanese usually don’t say like “I can’t wait to go back to Japan”. i think better translation is はやく にほんに いきたいです(I want going to Japan soon) or なつまで まてません(i can’t wait until summer.)
        anyway, i really envy you…. i also want to go back to Japan daooo:'(((

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